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Top 30 Anime Openings (with Video Evidence): Part 2

I’m back with the second entry in this three part series. This week, the next ten openings will be revealed. These range greatly in terms of style and music. Every single one is different, and cool in their own way. Enough talk, let’s get on to the openings. Part three will be posted next week.

Note: Sometimes after watching so many embedded files, Youtube audio files will stop working, or the entire file will load incredibly slowly. If that happens, reload the page, and everything will work again.

20.) The Vision of Escaflowne – No Need for Promises by Maaya Sakamoto

A classic series deserves a really good opening. I’ve always found Maaya Sakamoto’s singing to be rather soothing. The song is upbeat, and the visuals showcase a wide variety of the thematic elements that appear in the show. Overall, a well composed intro.

19.) Dai-Guard – Back Alley Space Boy by The Cobra Twisters

Baa ba ba baa ba ba ba ba baa ba ba barara ra ra ra ra!!!!!!!! Catchiest opening song ever? Yep.

18.) Excel Saga – Love (Loyalty) by The Excel Girls

It’s a pretty rare thing for a comedy series to have an opening that is actually funny. This one has a lot of visual humor, as well as jokes in the song lyrics. It also earns points for its general weirdness. Every aspect of this series is top-notch (not to mention completely insane), including the opening.

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Top 30 Anime Openings (with Video Evidence): Part 1

Every once in a while I’ll decide to punish myself by looking at lists of what people think are the greatest anime openings evAR!zomg!!1. Half the entries are usually composed of the various openings from Naruto, and the rest are from shows premiering no more than two years ago. Well, I decided to compile my own list. It started out as a top 15, then a top 20, a top 25, and finally a top 30, just so I could include all of my favorites. Hopefully, it will also get you youngsters out there interested in checking out some older anime series as well. Part two will be posted next week.

Note: Sometimes after watching so many embedded files, Youtube audio files will stop working, or the entire file will load incredibly slowly. If that happens, reload the page, and everything will work again.

30.) Elfen Lied – Lilium by Kumiko Noma

Its got haunting music and stunning visuals. Using imagery reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting The Kiss, this opening is certainly one of the most unique ever made. Also, the tone of the song matches that of the series quite well.

29.) Slayers Next – Give Me a Reason by Megumi Hayashibara

Good beat, nice character introductions, and sung by one of the most famous Japanese voice actresses of all time. It’s the best opening from the entire Slayers canon.

28.) Wolf’s Rain – Stray by Steve Conte

A showcase of incredibly detailed, not to mention fluid, animation. The song is good, and revvs up as it progresses. It also has a hint of sadness to it. One thing particularly good about this is that it is the only opening I am aware of that ties in directly with the plot of the series. Bonus points for that.

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Yes We Can, Comrades

Is the Socialist way, or the highway.

It's the Socialist way, or the highway.

Obama is going to be the new president of the United States. I am extremely happy that we will now become socialist. Here are some of the reasons why Obama will lead us in our new glorious revolution. My source of information comes from the Republican campaign.

  • Obama wants to spread the wealth around.
  • Obama is a socialist.
  • Obama’s middle name is Hussein.
  • Obama is a muslim.
  • Obama’s christian preacher hates America, and therefore so does Obama.
  • Obama wants to kill all unborn babies.
  • A vote for Obama means death to Isreal.
  • If Obama is elected, you will no longer be able to buy a fully automatic weapon (e.g. an Uzi).
  • ACORN tried to fix the election for Obama.
  • Obama wants to give full civil rights to terrorists.
  • Obama wants a bi-partisan cabinet of advisors.
  • Obama was mentored by terrorist Bill Ayres.
  • Obama’s vice president does not believe we are currently in the End of Days.
  • Obama is too educated to be president.

I think that sums up all the reasons (according to the Republic party) of why Obama will be a great leader. Socialism here we come. Long live the Communist States of America! Victory, comrades!


Bond…James Bond 8-14

Continuing from where I left off last time, I have since watched all of the Roger Moore films in the James Bond series. Some people don’t like Moore because he infused a bit too much tongue in cheek humor, but I think it suited him well. Every actor gave Bond a unique personality. This is probably the reason why the series has been able to continue for so long. Each time we get a new Bond, we get a new personality, and not a bunch of different people trying to play the role exactly the same way.

Ranking the Roger Moore films in order from best to last would go something like this:

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me
  2. Live and Let Die
  3. Moonraker
  4. The Man with the Golden Gun
  5. Octopussy
  6. For Your Eyes Only
  7. A View to a Kill

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