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Shameless Self Promotion

I’m not someone who is really into awards. Usually, they are just an excuse for people to congratulate themselves, and serve as nothing more than an ego boost for the fragile and simple-minded. However, I am really into promoting myself. I’ll do it in any number of grotesque and degrading manners. So, if I have to talk about awards in order to self-promote, then so be it.

I recently joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs (AKA largeassmovieblogs lol) as a means to get my hate filled messages out to the masses. They are doing an annual award for the members of the association. I figured, hey why not try and get nominated for something? After all, this is the best/worst blog on the internet. I should at least be eligible for most offensive blog, right?

While I think you should nominate me for everything, I probably have the best shot at the following: Funniest Writer (look no further than the hipster post), Best Ratings System (all the other writers use stars, letter grades, or no rating at all – my system of Awesome – Good – Average – Bad – Shitty clearly is way more imaginative), Best Running Feature (Classically Shitty or Four Horsemen of the Filmmaking Apocalypse), and Best Movie Reviewer (who else will honestly stick it to Hollywood time and time again?).

So, if I’ve ever made you laugh (or more likely get super angry), then head on over to The Lamb and nominate me.┬áNominate me for whatever you want. The poll is a link near the bottom of the page. If not, go to hell. That is all.

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