Chuunibyo, Fate/Zero

Is this yet another annoying, slice-of-life, moe bullshit anime, or a brilliantly subversive look at otaku subculture? To be honest, Chuunibyo falls somewhere in the middle. This series is about people who make the transition from middle school to high school and try to change their personal style. You know you’ve done something similar: go off to college, reinvent yourself, try to become someone new while forgetting those embarrassing things from the past. Chuunibyo takes it to the extreme. It’s about a few highly delusional kids who literally believe they have magical powers. The main kid tries to leave that shit behind because he knows it’s as dumb as fuck. Unfortunately, he keeps getting dragged back into this world by the main girl on whom he has a crush. One thing the show does that is interesting is showcasing magical battles. You see power-ups, gigantic weapons, and crazy finishing moves which are beautifully animated. Mid-way through the battles, however, we pull away from the delusions and see the characters battling it out with soup ladles or broomsticks or whatever. All that shit is in their heads. At first, it’s pretty funny. Sadly, though, it’s a one-note joke, and it continues throughout the series, wearing out its welcome.
As the show goes on, the main girl begins to realize that her delusions are holding her back from personal growth, and from dealing with the death of her father. She puts away her childish things, tries to grow up, and tries to have a mature relationship with the main guy. She struggles, and eventually the main guy tells her it’s OK to be weird and delusional. She goes back to her old ways. Then, the guy also goes back to his previously delusional ways. They end up together, happy and completely delusional. This is one of the most fucked up “morals” I have ever seen in any form of entertainment. Chuunibyo says that it’s better to live in a fantasy world and ignore your problems rather than face them head-on and attempt to grow. What a bullshit ending. Anyway, the show isn’t that great. While it does have a few worthwhile moments, it’s mostly a standard moe slice-of-life affair. There’s not much else here. If you like that kind of thing, go for it, if not, skip it.
Verdict: Bad
I claim a lot of anime is boring. I make that statement so often, that perhaps it has lost its meaning. Well, let me assure you, I absolutely, 100% mean it when I say that Fate/Zero is one of the most boring anime I have ever seen. I try not to review anything I haven’t completed. If I drop a show, I almost never post my comments about it, I just move on with my life. Fate/Zero, however, is a different beast. It was so fucking horrendously boring, I feel like it’s my duty to warn you about it. The show is actually a prequel to Fate/Stay Night, which I reviewed a couple of years ago. It was tolerable enough I felt like giving the prequel a shot. That, my friends, was a HUGE mistake.
Fate/Zero starts out with a 45-minute long episode of exposition. The old adage “show, don’t tell” got raped in the ass with this series. The ENTIRE EPISODE comprises a billion different characters talking and setting up everything that is to come in the series. They explain everything down to the smallest detail. The first episode is nothing more than a bunch of people standing around talking at one another. There is virtually nothing else. It was the most painfully boring thing I’ve ever seen in anime. The dialogue isn’t even witty or profound or satirical or playful. It’s just people talking and explaining the rules of the universe. ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ. I somehow managed to bring myself to watch episode 2. It was more of the same. More nothing. Nothing fucking happened in the first 70 minutes of the series. That was enough for me to put all the nails in Fate/Zero’s coffin. I dropped this series as hard as fucking possible. Maybe I’ll miss out on some brilliant plotting, but I don’t care. If a series is too lazy to even attempt to plot its events through actions rather than dialogue, it’s not worth my time. Fuck this show.
Verdict: Shitty

6 Responses to “Chuunibyo, Fate/Zero”

  1. 1 0ctaviamelody
    June 11, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    The Nostalgia Critic would definitely hate Fate/Zero. Plus Texhnolyze was every bit as boring for me. There’s more action in a single Power Rangers / Super Sentai episode than the entirety of Fate/Zero. I’m not kidding.

    And if you want great storytelling, go watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic NOW. A single episode of that wonderful cartoon has impacted me far more than a thousand entire anime series of non-stop inaction and unmemorable characters. Plus a single MLP character has more depth than everyone in Air, Kanon, Clannad, and Lucky Star put together. Don’t worry, MLP: FiM can be watched by any age group and fans of any genre, while the anime moeblobs are for angst-ridden teens who will eventually lose interest in them.

    • June 12, 2015 at 6:36 pm

      That’s not even a fair comparison for starters. Second of all, Fate/Zero doesn’t just rely on fights but also story, character, and themes. To be honest, MLP: FiM, while a decent kids show, really isn’t that great, and definitely isn’t better than Zero. Zero has better animation, more interesting themes, and tighter writing in general.

  2. June 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    You really missed out on Fate/Zero, in my opinion. It’s a rough start, but I think it’s totally worth it. Season 1 is very dialogue heavy, with some action mixed in. Season 2 is a lot more fight based. I know the first few episodes are rough, however I completely disagree with your verdict.

    • June 17, 2015 at 11:01 am

      I just don’t have the patience any more. Ten year ago, I would have watched every episode even if I hated it. Now, I have better things to do. It is popular, though, so there must be something to like about it.

      • June 17, 2015 at 6:22 pm

        Fair enough. I can’t blame you since the early episodes of Fate/Zero are Gen Urobuchi’s worst outside of Psycho-Pass. Now that show is just Gen Urobuchi being Gen Urobuchi, and it completely follows the rule of “tell, don’t show”. His best work is still Madoka Magica, though even he had to screw that stuff up with Rebellion, though he doesn’t take full credit for why that movie wasn’t good.

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