They Came Together, Frank

They Came Together

If you’ve seen a lot of romantic comedies and think they’re stupid, then you’ll probably love They Came Together. This is a farcical send-up of the chick-flick genre. It hits pretty much every cliché in the books, and revels in how much it blasts them. It has everything from the cheating girlfriend who says, “You should really be questioning my motives” to the entire genre structure of 1) hate each other; 2) love each other; 3) break up; 4) get married. This is not a subtle movie. Its sense of humor is more akin to The  Naked Gun than anything else. Despite its short running time, the gags start to get a bit tired by the end. At first, they’re a blast, but there’s almost too much. It’s non-stop buffoonery, and you get bogged down in the horrible clichés they are lampooning. The cast is great, and Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd have good chemistry together. This is definitely worth a watch. You’ll probably get a laugh out of it.

Verdict: Average


Full disclosure: when I watched this movie, I had no idea who was playing Frank. The leader of an ultra-quirky band, Frank always wears a giant human-faced helmet. You don’t get to actually see his real face until the end of the movie. The actor’s probably a bit too good looking (he is an Awesomely Shitty favorite) for his self-shame to be believable, but hey, whatever, it’s a movie. Frank follows the exploits of this trippy band as they record an album and try to play the South by Southwest music festival in the U.S. The band members’ abrasive personalities cause friction and cause the band to degrade over time. A series of comedic mishaps ultimately lead to disaster. Although it is funny, this is not a comedy. It is a heartfelt character study of broken people trying to make their lives work in spite of their quirks. Ultimately, I liked the message the film conveyed, and felt this was a great watch.

Verdict: Good


4 Responses to “They Came Together, Frank”

  1. 1 asa
    August 15, 2015 at 9:59 am

    I remember watching the original Frank Sidebottom, on which Frank is loosely based, on British TV years ago. He was an argumentative and abrasive character but used to pop up on kids tv, often with his hand puppet called Little Frank, which also had a paper mache head. The movie was an interesting take on his weirdness.

  2. August 18, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Agree with you on both these ones. Which is weird, because we agree on so much about everything….

    Oh, I think I also saw the Four Horsemen ride past my house, so fuck this world and everything in it.


    • August 20, 2015 at 3:49 pm

      Wow! We agree! Inconceivable! But to be fair to everyone else, I rarely agree with any of them either. There’s always a time, though, when our tastes intersect. This is one of those times. Revel in it because it won’t last long.

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