Shame Should Be Ashamed of Itself

The movie Shame is a nihilistic, pseudo-intellectual garbage bag of a film. It’s one of these movies that thinks if it’s about something controversial, that alone will be enough to make it good. Well, it’s not. You can’t just make a movie about sex addiction and have it automatically be good. It still requires all the other components of good movies: plot, acting, directing, pacing, etc. You can’t just film Michael F. Assbender’s giant dong and expect people to automatically love the movie.

One person may look at a nihilistic movie and declare it to be utterly brilliant. For me, just being nihilistic doesn’t make it good. Shame is a crushing black hole of bleakness without any attempt at having a message or moral or even a fucking theme.

Shame is ostensibly about Assbender, who lives the high-life in New York City. He’s an executive at some generic firm, but he’s also addicted to sex. He picks up girls in bars, watches porn constantly, and jacks off in the shower when he’s alone. Sex is pretty much all he does or thinks about from morning to night. He’s completely satisfied with his life, and so far it hasn’t caused him any problems.

One day, Assbender’s sister Carey Mulligan shows up at his apartment and his whole life gets turned upside down. She has sex with his boss in his bed and makes him thoroughly disgusted. And after that, well, that’s pretty much it. Nothing really changes for him. He still goes about his life as usual, watching porn, jacking off, and having one-night stands.

He starts to get upset with how things are going. Suddenly, he feels guilty and ashamed for what he is doing. But there is no reason for it. Nothing is going wrong for him. Why should he feel bad when he’s devastatingly handsome and sleeps with super hot chicks all the time?

In addictions, one of the key components is there must be social and occupational dysfunction. The addict’s real life begins to become affected by their addiction. Maybe their marriage fails, maybe they lose their job, you know, those sorts of things. But none of this happens to Assbender. He’s able to have his cake and eat it, too. The movie completely forgets about the most important aspect of addiction: how it destroys peoples’ lives. Or maybe the screenwriter was too fucking stupid to realize that.

In the end, Mulligan attempts suicide for some reason, and Assbender is pretty upset about it. She lives, and he feels guilty for a bit. After that, he’s on the subway and eyeing this married chick he eyed in the beginning of the movie. The film ends with us not knowing if he is going to plow her. Of course he fucking is, he hasn’t had any kind of treatment or therapy, and he hasn’t even admitted he has an addiction. How is he suddenly going to be better?

The one part of the directing I couldn’t stand was how the scenes went on and on. Mulligan sings the song “New York, New York” in a night club. The camera is an extreme close-up of her face, and never leaves for the entire fucking song. The whole movie is like that. The scenes go on endlessly, long after their impact has faded. Any scenes that did have impact are completely squandered as they continue on, losing meaning and relevance in the nothingness that comes after.

Assbender acts his ass off in this movie, and he generally acquits himself. He is pretty much always good. But even his acting doesn’t elevate this turd of a film. I don’t blame him for taking the role. Who would turn down a role in a film where he gets to chew on the asses of two hot chicks banging him at the same time? He’s no dummy.

Shame is a movie about nothing. It claims to be about addiction, but it isn’t because the filmmakers clearly have no understanding of addictions. I bet they all thought they were pretty clever, but they only fooled themselves. This movie is not made better by the sum of its parts. It’s only a nihilistic shit-turd of a movie that people only watch because of the Fasspenis.

Verdict: Shitty

9 Responses to “Shame Should Be Ashamed of Itself”

  1. 1 imustseemovie.com
    January 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

    It was an ok movie

  2. January 26, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    I didn’t mind this film (except for the New York New York scene, which I admit was interminable) and thought Assbender was great. Pity the story didn’t work as well as the acting.

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