Safety Nation is Coming Soon

Safety Nation is coming soon. What is Safety Nation? It’s my first published novel! That’s right, your (un)friendly neighborhood BrikHaus is publishing a book. After years of trashing other people’s hard work, now it’s my turn to face public scrutiny. I’ve toiled away for a long time writing as a hobby, and I’ve finally written something I think is good enough to share with the world.

In the coming weeks I will be providing updates on the status of the book: the cover art (what you see above is not it), the release date (sometime in December, but the final date isn’t firm yet), and several chapters. Be prepared for lots of text to grace the site as I take a break from watching Michael Bay shitstorms, fake hipster crap, and moeblob anime abominations. I still plan to post my regular stuff intermittently, just so Awesomely Shitty doesn’t become a complete advertisement.

And what is Safety Nation about? Well, it’s a satire of dystopian literature, a genre that takes itself far too seriously. It’s also based in part on my own torturous experience working for a huge, dumb bureaucracy. I’ve included the exciting book blurb for your reading pleasure below:

Safety Inspector Smith never wanted to save the world; he only tried so he could get some peace and quiet.

Smith has been a government drone for thirty years. He works for an institution obsessed with the safety of its citizens. Whether it’s making people practice safe sex, abolishing all junk food, or replacing real grass with hypoallergenic artificial turf, the government uses its Safety Inspectors to make sure everyone stays safe. But Smith doesn’t care about any of that. All he wants is to move away from the bustling city, its people, and all its regulations.

Stuck in a terrible job, Smith sees a glimmer of hope in his new partner, a rookie named Lowry. He soon learns she has a greater knack for government work than he ever did. Together, they cut corners, dodge red tape, and fool their dimwitted superiors into giving them promotions.

Just when things are looking up, a maniac threatens to overthrow the government. Smith couldn’t care less, but Lowry jumps into the fray. By a twist of fate, Smith holds the key to saving the world, and he would do anything to help his friend.

Darkly humorous, “Safety Nation” is a satirical take on dystopian fiction, told in a hard-boiled style.

That’s it for now. I’m really excited for you to read this book. Hopefully, all three of my regular readers will pick up a copy. I had a lot of fun (not to mention agonizing over) writing it, and I hope you get to enjoy reading it.

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