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Safety Nation Chapter 2

I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy the first chapter of my novel, Safety Nation. If you missed it, you can click here to read it. There will be plenty of updates (i.e. chapters and other announcements) coming your way soon.

This weekend is Halloween, so I will post my regular, Halloween-themed movie review. It’s a little different this time, and I think you’ll like it. Until then, on to the second chapter…

As always, the chapter below, and entire novel, are copyrighted.

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Safety Nation by Logan Riley


Returning my equipment at the end of the shift took just as long as picking it up. It was another series of long corridors, name and serial number recitations, and right hand turns. I shuffled out of the building as the day shift shuffled in.

As my car shuttled me home, I reclined the seat three inches, the farthest it would go. The car hummed along the expressway, looping around the city. The sun was a yellow orb, hovering in a pale, cloudless sky. I closed my eyes and tried to drift off, but it was too bright.

I turned on the radio. There were only three stations: Weather, News, and Government. Before the First Government existed, there had been hundreds of radio stations. A study revealed that all those choices were distracting to drivers, and when the First Government came to power, radio stations were eliminated. Soon, people clamored to have them back. While the government was deciding what to do, another study revealed that music could evoke unsafe, passionate emotional responses. So, the government created three channels, none of which played music, and none of which people would be interested in.

I flipped through the stations. As usual, nothing good was on. I turned the radio off and tried to sleep again to no avail.

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