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Safety Nation Chapter 10

If you’d been thinking the plot of Safety Nation was a little scattered, I wouldn’t blame you for it. The entire first arc serves to set up the world and the main characters. It isn’t really until this point, Chapter 10, where things start to move forward at a brisker pace, and with the pieces starting to move together. This chapter is the jumping off point for the rest of the main storyline. And, I’ve only got a couple more chapters remaining to share with you, so I hope I’ll leave you wanting more, and you’ll buy a copy of the book.

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As always, the chapter below, and entire novel, are copyrighted.

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Safety Nation by Logan Riley


I lumbered out to the parking lot. Lowry was nowhere in sight. I stood beside my car with one arm slung across the roof, and watched stragglers trickle out of the Central Office. Most had already left for the day, on time, as there was no reward for extra work.

On the far side of the lot, a larger group of agents were filing into the building. The night crew. Their faces were far less enthusiastic than the ones who were going home.

After a good thirty minutes of waiting, I decided I wasn’t going to see Lowry. She must have slipped out before Zamyatan and I had finished our work. Now the only thing I had to look forward to was a night with my demon-dog and troll-wife.

I got in my car and punched in the coordinates for the diner I frequented. I ate alone, slowly chewing a bland piece of meat.

Once I finished choking down dinner, I trudged back to my car. I sat inside for a long time, the engine off. I watched the sun drop below the horizon. The sky turned fiery orange, then dusky purple, then dark black. Fluorescent lights continued to burn over every inch of the city. For the streets and sidewalks, it was always the middle of the day.

I started the engine. The electric motor whirred to life. I input a new set of coordinates. The vehicle maneuvered out of the parking lot and into the street, carefully minding all traffic laws.

Before me stood a solid brick building with an affixed sign reading, “Clothing Incorporated.” The windows were dark. I walked toward the dormant factory, looking side to side, making certain no one was watching.

The front door was locked. I stepped off the sidewalk and walked to the right, alongside the building. When I reached what I thought was the manager’s office window, I attempted to open it. It was locked, too. I headed to the rear of the building, trying, and failing, to open every door or window I encountered.

The back door didn’t budge. I would have been inside already if I had my multi-tool. I would have to take a different approach. There was a long vertical window, at ground level, just to the right of the back door. I took off my hat and pressed it to the glass. I punched the hat as hard as I could.

I reeled back, clutching my hand as it throbbed with pain. The window, meanwhile, stood proudly, undamaged by my feeble attempt to break it.

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