Safety Nation’s First Review is Out

The very first review of Safety Nation has hit the net. Unlimited Book Reviews provides recommendations for books available under Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Feel free to check out their website, they have lots of great recommendations.

Most importantly, they liked Safety Nation. Click here to read the full review. Or you can read on…

Here’s what they had to say:

Satirical science fiction set in a health-and-safety-obsessed future dystopia.

The story follows Smith, a disillusioned Safety Inspector who has lost all interest in enforcing safety regulations. When he starts breaking rules instead his life seems to be on the way up, until he finds himself working with real bad guys.

As satire, this didn’t really work for me. Over-zealous safety regulation is too easy a target and rather predictable. YMMV. That aside, this is a really well written book, very readable with few editing errors, so I was happy to go along with it, and once the plot starts to motor into the second half it moves along nicely.

Expect some sexual references and violence.

So, if you haven’t grabbed a copy of Safety Nation yet, head on over to Amazon and get it today.

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