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Kung Fury, Citizen X

Kung Fury

A lot of movies, books, and videogames have tried to capitalize on 80s nostalgia. Most of them have failed miserably. Kung Fury, on the other hand, is a completely brilliant piece of comedy that works on every level. Kung Fury began life on Kickstarter, and raised enough money to make a 30-minute feature, but fell short of the funds necessary for an entire film. Fortunately, those 30 minutes are packed to the gills with non-stop absurdity.

Kung Fury is like the ultimate 80s B-movie. It’s got everything we loved from the 80s like ninjas, arcade games, Transformers, time travel, barbarians, and renegade cops who don’t play by the rules. The main character chases down Adolf Hitler and defeats all the Nazis in a battle royale.

The movie was given an intentionally distressed look, like you’re watching a well-used VHS tape. It’s kind of the same way they did Grindhouse, and it helps to capture the look and feel of life in the 80s. I sure as hell remember watching my favorite tapes until they crumbled into dust.

The comedy lands almost every time. Fair warning, though, if you aren’t a fan of parody, the 80s, or ninjas, then you won’t like this movie. However, if you are cool, you will like it. Check it out.

Verdict: Awesome

Citizen X


While bored, I perused HBO’s streaming catalogue and came across this unknown made-for-TV movie from 1995. The premise was interesting, so I checked it out. Citizen X is about the search for the Soviet Union’s most notorious serial killer throughout the 1980s. The killer is just as gruesome as I’ve come to expect from the serial killer genre, but his killing of children, not to mention the fact that it was real, was chilling. The main character, Stephen Rea, tirelessly pursues the killer despite getting nothing but pushback from his superiors. However, the pushback he gets is given an interesting spin. The Soviet Union cannot ask the United States FBI for help (who have the largest database on serial killers in the world), because that would show the West that they don’t have the same skills or knowledge as them. They can’t give him the agents or funds he needs to apprehend the killer, because they simply don’t have them as a result of the Soviet Union’s failing (but kept under wraps) economy. This all manages to put a fresh spin on a story that could have been dull and overwrought. Donald Sutherland plays Rea’s sole ally in the hunt for the killer. Ithas an obvious made-for-TV quality to it, but it is well-written and acted. The only thing that doesn’t work is all the actors speaking English with Russian accents. It sounds ridiculous. They should have just did away with that. Otherwise, this was an intriguing little movie.

Verdict: Good


Escape Plan is the 1980s Most Disappointing Dream Come True

Escape Plan is the movie the 1980s desperately wanted, but, sadly, came about 30 years too late. I’m talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone finally teaming up. They did briefly team up in The Expendables 2, but that doesn’t count because Arnold’s role was pretty small. Here, though, they share the screen equally, playing off one another, and finally bringing a team up that has been decades in the making.
Unfortunately, if they had been waiting 30 years for “the right script,” this one wasn’t it. Now, don’t get me wrong, Escape Plan isn’t really a bad film, but it isn’t the 1980s wet dream/action star team-up movie we’ve all desperately waited for. No, it’s one of those films that actors do just to pay the bills.
For having the two biggest 1980s action stars as the leads, there is surprisingly little action in this film. The movie is a prison escape film. Generally, those kinds of movies work on building suspense and have very few fights, explosions, shootouts, etc. Right off the bat, this movie is not playing to the strengths of its two lead actors.

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