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Yes We Can, Comrades – Part 2

4 more years of Communism comin’ at ya!

As we all know, Barack Obama is a hardcore Muslim Atheist Socialist Communist. But did you know he is also the Anti-Christ? It’s true. And the fact that he was re-elected by the Marxist Elite means the USA will soon be on a path toward devastation and the end of humanity. I checked out some great quotes from the best thinkers our day has to offer on the subject:

  • “If Pres. Obama is re-elected the Constitution and therefore the nation will come to end. We can and must do something about that.”

Yes, brother, you are right. It was terrible that Obama ran on a platform of destroying the Constitution. I’m surprised that so many people voted for him. Didn’t they care that a vote for Obama meant a vote for destroying the USA?

  • “If obame gets reelected it might will just be the end of the world”

True. That darn obame also ran on a platform of destroying the world. First, his goal was the USA, and second, his sights will be set on the rest of the world. He’s a maniac like one of those bad guys from the James Bond movies!

  • “If satan were running against Obama, I’d vote for satan!!!!!!!!!”

What’s the difference? You’d be voting for the same person!

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Robin Hood is a Communist

Commie bastard.

It’s a well established fact that President Obama is a Communist. We also know that Communism is inherently evil because it stifles the independent spirit of mankind, and it does not allow for the growth of independent businesses. This is a bad thing, because businesses are people, too. But not the kind that are supposed to pay taxes. Anyway, what I don’t get is why Robin Hood is constantly getting portrayed as a hero. He isn’t a hero at all. He’s a villainous bastard. He’s a dirty, dirty Commie. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. That’s the same thing as Obama wanting to “spread the wealth around.” If that’s not a Communist plot, then I don’t know what is.

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Yes We Can, Comrades

Is the Socialist way, or the highway.

It's the Socialist way, or the highway.

Obama is going to be the new president of the United States. I am extremely happy that we will now become socialist. Here are some of the reasons why Obama will lead us in our new glorious revolution. My source of information comes from the Republican campaign.

  • Obama wants to spread the wealth around.
  • Obama is a socialist.
  • Obama’s middle name is Hussein.
  • Obama is a muslim.
  • Obama’s christian preacher hates America, and therefore so does Obama.
  • Obama wants to kill all unborn babies.
  • A vote for Obama means death to Isreal.
  • If Obama is elected, you will no longer be able to buy a fully automatic weapon (e.g. an Uzi).
  • ACORN tried to fix the election for Obama.
  • Obama wants to give full civil rights to terrorists.
  • Obama wants a bi-partisan cabinet of advisors.
  • Obama was mentored by terrorist Bill Ayres.
  • Obama’s vice president does not believe we are currently in the End of Days.
  • Obama is too educated to be president.

I think that sums up all the reasons (according to the Republic party) of why Obama will be a great leader. Socialism here we come. Long live the Communist States of America! Victory, comrades!

June 2023


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