Top 30 Anime Openings (with Video Evidence): Part 2

I’m back with the second entry in this three part series. This week, the next ten openings will be revealed. These range greatly in terms of style and music. Every single one is different, and cool in their own way. Enough talk, let’s get on to the openings. Part three will be posted next week.

Note: Sometimes after watching so many embedded files, Youtube audio files will stop working, or the entire file will load incredibly slowly. If that happens, reload the page, and everything will work again.

20.) The Vision of Escaflowne – No Need for Promises by Maaya Sakamoto

A classic series deserves a really good opening. I’ve always found Maaya Sakamoto’s singing to be rather soothing. The song is upbeat, and the visuals showcase a wide variety of the thematic elements that appear in the show. Overall, a well composed intro.

19.) Dai-Guard – Back Alley Space Boy by The Cobra Twisters

Baa ba ba baa ba ba ba ba baa ba ba barara ra ra ra ra!!!!!!!! Catchiest opening song ever? Yep.

18.) Excel Saga – Love (Loyalty) by The Excel Girls

It’s a pretty rare thing for a comedy series to have an opening that is actually funny. This one has a lot of visual humor, as well as jokes in the song lyrics. It also earns points for its general weirdness. Every aspect of this series is top-notch (not to mention completely insane), including the opening.

17.) Outlaw Star – Through the Night by Masahiko Arimachi

When this show aired on Cartoon Network, they completely omitted the opening. I was surprised when I got the DVD’s, and found out how good it was. The animation is solid, and often times the movements of the visuals are in synch with the beat of the music. Attention to detail like that makes for a good intro.

16.) Ai Yori Aoshi – Eternal Flower by Yoko Ishida

There are actually two versions of this, with only subtle difference between the two. I chose the second version because, when you watch the show, the payoff in seeing the change is actually quite huge. It has a happy, relaxed song, and good animation.

15.) Martian Successor Nadesico – You Get to Burning by Yumi Matsuzawa

Catchy song, good beat, and the animation matches everything perfectly.

14.) Neon Genesis Evangelion – Cruel Angel’s Thesis by Yoko Takahashi

Normally I’m not big on synthesizer music, but for some reason I really like this song. The music comes together perfectly with the vocals, and you just want to sing along. I also like how it starts out slow and revvs up at the end. A lot of people don’t like this one at first, but there’s just something about it that grows on you.

13.) Revolutionary Girl Utena – Revolution by Masami Okui

Catchy song? Check. Engrish? Check. Good animation? Check. Swordfighting? Check. Flying horses? Check. Lesbians? Check. Were the creators of this thing smoking crack? Double check.

12.) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Adventure, right? Right? by Aya Hirano

A really cool song combined with interesting visuals. The multi-colored rectangular backgrounds lend a bit of originality to this opening. The animation here is so detailed, with so much going on, not even the DVD version escapes pixellation. That in itself says something about the time they put into this thing. A great opening, very memorable.

11.) Trigun – H.T. by Tsuneo Imahori

After so much J-pop, it’s refreshing to hear a rock song with no lyrics. This series’ opening oozes atmosphere. It showcases the main character in a variety of settings, both comical and action-oriented. It is also unique in that it is the only opening I am aware of that is completely different in every episode. That is, each opening showcased the villain that would appear in that episode. Very cool.

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