Prometheus is Retconned Crap

The Prometheus poster references better movies.

Prometheus marks the long-awaited (by fans, at least) return of director Ridley Scott to the Alien movie franchise. No doubt he’s a great director, and he launched a well-loved series of movies, which later branched off into comics, toys, video games, etc. Unfortunately, the Alien series as a whole is filled with more trash than a landfill. Let’s take a brief look:

  1. Alien (1979) – Awesome.
  2. Aliens (1986) – Awesome.
  3. Alien 3 (1992) – Fucking terrible, depressing, prison setting, generally retarded.
  4. Alien Resurrection (1997) – One of the hokiest pieces of shit ever put to celluloid.
  5. Alien vs Predator (2004) – Directed by one of the 4 Horsemen of the Film-Making Apocalypse, Paul W.S. Anderson, need I say more?
  6. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007) – Still fucking terrible, but at least it embraced its idiocy and went full out with death and mayhem.

So, out of six movies, only two are good. I’m surprised they kept making these things. They must have made a lot of money, because I’m sure people weren’t out there comparing this shit to Casablanca. At least they nailed two of the three R’s of shitty franchise sequel titles: Resurrection and Requiem. The only one they are missing is Redemption. I’m sure Alien Redemption is somewhere on the horizon.

When it was announced that a new Alien movie would be made, there was a collective groan across the internet, as if a million voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. That groan became a cheer when Ridley Scott came on board as the director. At last, we would get another good Alien movie! It only took 27 years!

The movie was titled Prometheus, and it would serve as a prequel to the original film. And while watching it, it certainly becomes clear that it is indeed a prequel to Alien. It has all the trappings of an Alien movie: creepy atmosphere, strong-willed and tough female protagonist, people dying left and right, evil creatures killing people, no escape, a single android character, everything masterminded by the evil “Company”, etc.

The movie boasts stunning visuals, 3D that actually impresses, a really good cast including Awesomely Shitty’s favorite actor Michael F. Assbender, and very high production values. It works on a lot of levels because it was skillfully put together by the director and editors. The cast delivered good performances to make the film enjoyable. The music, while not particularly memorable, satisfied and worked well in any given situation. There is a lot to like about this movie.

Assbending like a boss.

In fact, I found myself liking Prometheus as I watched it. I was completely oblivious to the plot holes and general idiocy that were rampant. It wasn’t until the movie ended, when I was reflecting on it, that I realized it is sort of a piece of crap.

There are several “mysteries” of Prometheus that are really only “mysterious” because they were created by plot holes. Why would the Engineers invite the human-race to find them when they were planning to wipe them out? DERP! Why would the Engineers invite the human-race to a military installation? DERP! Why do the Engineers have a statue of a giant head? DERP! If the Engineers were all killed by the aliens, then why aren’t the aliens attacking the humans? DERP! If the Engineers created all life in the universe, then who created them? DERP! If the Engineers created life on Earth by seeding their DNA, then why do humans almost look exactly like them, ignoring the rules of evolution? DERP! — I’m sorry, but simply not explaining something does not, by default, make it “mysterious.” It just leaves it unexplained.

Prometheus explained in one handy chart.

Prometheus also manages to tick off several items that you would find in a shitty horror film. If these look familiar to you, it’s because they are the rules I laid out in my horror movie post:

  • An average, identifiable person is the protagonist.
  • A monster/villain will kill off the other characters, usually one by one.
  • All most characters that have sex will die.
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian (any non-white race) characters will die and therefore cannot be the protagonist.
  • When terrible shit starts happening, the characters must always “split up” in order to make it easier to be killed.
  • When running away from the monster/villain, one or all of the characters will fall down and be unable to stand back up.
  • When wanting to get another character’s attention, the best way to do it is to silently approach them and quickly grab their shoulder, preferably in a dimly lit room or cemetery.

Of course there are more rules than that, but with seven of these tropes being enacted in a movie that’s supposed to be better than this, it’s a real annoyance.

If I was on an alien planet, inside a derelict space ship, and watching holograms of alien creatures dying, you’d better believe the FIRST thing I would do is separate from my teammates and try to find the way out on my own. Come fucking on, we’ve seen this a million goddamn times. You couldn’t think of a more original way to kill off the characters? You had to have them split up? What is this, fucking Nightmare on Prometheus Street? Fuck that shit.

And of course the so-called “scientists” in this movie are the weirdest, dumbest, most anti-social bunch of fuckos this side of the guys in Con Air. They are constantly fighting with each other, arguing, doing stupid shit, and not acting like normal human beings. For example, LOL WE JOINED A MISSION TO OUTER SPACE WITHOUT KNOWING ANY DETAILS OF WHAT THE MISSION WOULD INVOLVE LOL! Or how about the one where LOL WE ARE ON AN ALIEN PLANET WITH A POISONOUS ATMOSPHERE BUT THE AIR INSIDE THE SPACECRAFT WITH A HOLE TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD SEEMS OK SO LETS ALL TAKE OUR HELMETS OFF LOL! Or the other good one was LOL WE JUST FOUND A PERFECTLY PERSEVED SEVERED ALIEN HEAD LETS INJECT SOME SHIT INTO ITS BRAIN TO MAKE IT THINK ITS ALIVE LOL!

Other things just don’t make any sense. Like one guy getting killed by the evil black ooze, only to return as a zombie and fuck some shit up. I’m sorry, but nowhere in the Alien universe have there ever been any fucking zombies. And why would the guy in the film’s opening scene DISINTEGRATE upon exposure to the black ooze, when this other guy turns into a goddamn ZOMBIE?! It’s not consistent, and it’s bullshit. They are just doing whatever the fuck they feel like without setting down any kind of ground rules for their universe.

“Holy crap, this movie is retarded!”

Which brings me to the other shit that pissed me off. The way everything goes down in this movie, it is clearly meant to be the setup for the next film in chronological sequence, which is Alien. And here are the reasons why:

  • The Engineers’ space ship crashes to the planet in Prometheus, and is found in the same position on the ground in Alien.
  • The only surviving crew member leaves behind a beacon, warning people to stay away from the planet in Prometheus. In Alien, they find a beacon which Ripley later discovers is a warning.
  • The planet in Prometheus and Alien is barren, with unbreathable atmosphere, and dangerous dust storms.
  • There is no sign of life whatsoever on the planet or inside the derelict space ship.

But the problem is that there are a couple of differences. For example, the planet designation in Alien is LV-426. The planet designation in Prometheus is LV-223. The dead Engineer in Alien is found in a navigation chair with his chest burst open (obviously killed by an alien), but the dead Engineer in Prometheus is killed elsewhere (but by the same method). In Alien, the dead Engineer is ancient and fossilized, in Prometheus (given the timeline) the dead Engineer would presumably not be dead long enough to become a fossil.

At first glance, these three discrepancies seem to have an obvious answer: the two planets in Prometheus and Alien are different. Why else would the Engineers die in two different locations and the planets have two different designations? Why else? Because Prometheus is retconned crap.

The discrepancies exist because the writers and director were too fucking lazy to pay attention to the original Alien and get all the details to match up. They retconned it (i.e. retroactively changed the continuity details) because they thought it would be “better” doing it this new way. There is one clue in the film that proves it is a retcon.

In the final scene we see the birth of an alien, as it comes out of the chest of the dying Engineer. Except it doesn’t look anything like the birth of an alien we’ve seen in any of the other movies. Typically, a tiny alien (which fans have lovingly dubbed “chest bursters”) explodes out, forehead first, is very lightly colored, has stubby arms and legs, and runs away for cover. It only later grows up to be large, black, and evil. However, in Prometheus this does not happen. The alien comes out fully grown, already black, with long arms and legs. It doesn’t even explode out head first. It uses the back of its head (which is now sharp for some reason) to cut itself out. Another change was a complete redesign of the alien “face hugger.”

That’s funny, I don’t remember the aliens looking completely stupid.

Now, simple aesthetic changes are all fine and good, but they also changed the details of how the aliens are gestated and grown. So if they changed that detail, then why would any of the other details be safe from changing? They weren’t. This is still supposed to be the same fucking planet from Alien. They changed LV-426 to LV-223 because they felt like it. They changed the location of the dead Engineer because they felt like it. They changed the life cycle of the alien because they felt like it. In Alien they had the dead Engineer be “fossilized” because it made him seem ancient and mysterious. They couldn’t do that in Prometheus because it wouldn’t make any sense given the story they wanted to tell, so they changed that, too.

It’s too big a pill to swallow that all this shit went down on a different planet from the one we see in Alien. Are we supposed to believe that in Alien and Prometheus, an Engineer space ship crashed on the ground in the exact same position on the exact same type of planet, both Engineer crews were completely wiped out, and in both cases someone left a warning signal to keep everyone else away? The Engineers would not leave a goddamn warning signal, they were planning on using the aliens (or at least the black ooze) to wipe out human-kind. Warnings would be the last thing on their mind, especially in light of the Engineer trying his damnedest to kill every human in his sight.

Basically, all the changes were retcons. They were annoying because they were completely unnecessary. And I don’t buy for a minute the idea that the events from these two films are unrelated. It’s bullshit, and yet another example of Hollywood fucking up.

The hardcore fans will swear up and down that everything is canon, and will spend decades trying to fanwank explanations for what really happened on LV-426. They will be wasting their time. We know what happened on LV-426 because it was the events that occurred in Prometheus. They just changed the planet’s name to LV-223 because, why the fuck not?

I am hating on this movie because it has pointless retcons. That’s a valid complaint. But I’m also hating on it because it has a plethora of retarded plot holes that were disguised as intentional “mysteries.” I’m hating on it because it lacks consistent rules (e.g. the zombie guy). And I’m hating on it because the characters act like fucking morons. All of these detract from what could have been an excellent movie. Hollywood never fails to let me down.

Verdict: Average

47 Responses to “Prometheus is Retconned Crap”

  1. July 20, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Hysterical as always Brik. I still think the movie entertained enough to wind up passable summer movie fare, but there are tons and tons of stupid things, connect the dot problems, and genuine plot holes. No doubt.

    Plus as a fan of Alien, you basically just have to pretend this movie doesnt even exist. But Ive gotten kind of used to that…

    • July 20, 2012 at 4:15 pm

      Thanks, Fogs. It is really frustrating because this could have been so good. We could have had a great Alien trilogy. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m getting good at pretending sequels/prequels don’t exist, too.

  2. 3 Box 8
    July 21, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Prometheus isn’t a retcon at all. It originally started off as a direct Alien prequel but later diverged into its own thing with “Alien” elements to it. I don’t know where you got the idea that it’s a retcon, but you would have thought that the different planet name and different planet environment would have told you that it wasn’t the same one found in Alien. The only reason why the ship seems to crashland in a similar position is because it’s an obvious homage to the first movie. The Alien-like creature at the end is obviously there to tell fans, “oh oh, look, it looks like an Alien so the films must rerally be connected!!!”. It was unecessary, but whatever. Fact is, there are no pointless retcons (what you described in your review is just grasping at straws that aren’t there). The only real problems this movie has are in the plot and in the character behaviours.

  3. 5 Keyser
    July 22, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    It’s just a different planet, we don’t get to LV426 until the follow-up. I hope Scott gets to make the sequel, but he needs to ensure a vastly superior script in in place first. I mostly liked the film and it proved that Scott still has “it” when making an epic Sci-Fi film, though at the same time Prometheus still feels like a squandered opportunity. Everything was good except the story, which is supposed to be the FIRST thing you get right. At the end of the day, with regards to Ridley the great, I’m both reassured and disappointed in him.

    • July 22, 2012 at 5:57 pm

      I agree that Ridley did a good job directing, he is so talented that you sort of ignore all the plot holes while watching the movie. I hope you’re right that the next movie shows LV-426, but I won’t hold my breath.

  4. July 23, 2012 at 8:29 am

    Love the way you can tear things apart. Unlike you, while I was watching the film I was feeling a bit iffy about it but after I had a bit of time to think about it, I realised I really enjoyed it.

    Retconnage is just a bit of fun. If you want to see a series of films that have really been retconned the crap out of, try the last couple of Saw films. Ok, they’re utterly shit, but my god, the retcon going on is just hilarious.

  5. July 24, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    I wanted to see this, but then, I never did. I still could, but I found out over the weekend that my Dad saw it at the IMAX at Sydney with his work friends and I was like ‘wuht’ because I thought it would have been something we could see together. I guess for now I’ll have to settle with this article and the Half in the Bag review, which by the way, I recommend if only because Half in the Bag is awesome.

    Looking forward to an inevitable Brikhaus ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ review probably with Mrs Brik – because whadoyaknow it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh, and Christian ‘I’m the fucking Batman’ Bailout.

  6. 13 Merdith
    September 15, 2012 at 12:41 am

    This is my first time finding your site. I giggled pretty hard about how you enjoyed it and still when it was over I too thought, damn, this movie was cool, but it really sucked. One of the things we liked about the first two movies were the plot development and continuity of the rules of this futuristic world. You are correct about the third and following movies were horrible. I was dissapointed every time. I own two, alien, and Aliens. This new movie is visually amazing, and like you said average for all the reasons you stated. I felt like OK is this aliens or just a crappy attempt to cash in on the Original. Do it right or stop making them. period. Hopefully he got the no zombie memo. I left thinking dang how did he mess this one up.

    • September 15, 2012 at 10:22 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed your first visit to Awesomely Shitty. I used to own the four Alien movies, but I sold 3 and 4 because they are worthless shit. The first two are the only ones worth anybody’s time. And yes, I can’t believe Ridley Scott fell into the recent zombie fad. Sigh.

  7. 15 Kartasik
    October 10, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    You missed a few choice scenes: I liked the 50 cent robo-operation – with a slice made on the belly that was twice the width of a C-section. Nothing was done to stop bleeding and in fact there really was little blood. The alien’s umbilical cord was just torn off by Dr. Shaw and allowed to fall back into her uterus with no care about sealing the cord. Then a bank of surgical staples (I suppose the new recent surgical glues never caught on by the 2090s) and the wound is ready for action. I haven’t seen such an operation since the child’s game Operation where us use a magnet device to grab little organ pawns out of a body. And what was that baby alien eating during the other few hours inside the escape module that made it grow so big and fast? Hardtack and Tang? I haven’t seen such rapid growth since near the end of the first Hell Boy movie. Speaking about eating, what was Dr. Elizabeth Shaw going to eat on her journey to the engineer’s home world – Canned black slime of alien eggs? I also like how the space suit helmets came off: Bad gas is not inside the ship “the air is now breathable….”. Uh, how about checking for virus’ and bacteria? In that instant I had a vision of Galaxy Quest where Tech Sgt.Chen at the door of the runabout takes deep breaths on an alien planet to check the air quality. Last I loved the burning zombie! I wanted to give a Tarzan yell when I saw the burning zombie leap from a high point down on to a human below. AHa AHa AHa Aha aaaaaaaaaa!

    • October 15, 2012 at 2:23 pm

      Hilarious! I totally didn’t even think about Dr. Shaw eating black alien egg slime on her journey across the galaxy. Yes, you must be right about the Tang. All space-faring people drink Tang. No exceptions. Hey, maybe the alien egg slime is moldy Tang?

  8. 17 bigX
    February 18, 2013 at 11:57 am

    I couldn’t agree more. It was a silly movie full of illogical plots and acting. It’s nothing like Alien and Aliens. Spend your dollars elswhere.

  9. 19 Aliens is gay
    April 24, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Obviously a braindead americunt retard, Aliens is garbage compared to alien and alien 3 and Resurrection. Cunt. Cameron fagboys are the stupidest cunts going. So glad that shitty fail of a director isn’t getting anywhere near a Prometheus sequel to fill it full of gay americanised shit and guns/Bonehead marines.

    • April 25, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Clearly, (cunt) you are not a fan (cunt) of James Cameron’s work. Of course (cunt), you are allowed to (cunt) have your opinion on that matter. However, I doubt you (cunt) will find anyone who agrees that Alien Resurrection is better than Aliens (cunt).

  10. 21 Cryptopsy
    July 20, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Alien is fun, but only if you’re not wearing your thinking cap (i.e., the plot is hole-ier than Jesus).

    Aliens is amazing, in the parallel universe where it’s 40 minutes shorter, and Newt is played by Dakota Fanning.

    I liked Alien Cubed; it gets down to brass tacks immediately, and stays there.

    Alien: Resurrection is dogshit.

    Alien vs. Predator is everything I’d hoped it’d be–which is to say, fucking awesome. (W.S. is far and away the superior Paul Anderson. Event Horizon, Resident Evil, AVP, and Death Race eat Hard Eight, Punch Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood, and The Master’s lunch.)

    Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is sort of weak, but not godawful.

    The last few minutes of Prometheus save it from being an inoperable anal fistula. Meaning I liked how the foreign chick got the best of that big white humanoid, and how she wanted to go explore the big-white-humanoid planet instead of going home.

    • July 21, 2013 at 7:42 am

      To each their own, I guess. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the plot of “Alien.” It’s held up pretty well over the last few decades. “Aliens” of course was great. That’s where the franchise ends, in my mind. No need to bother with the rest.

      • 23 Cinephage
        July 21, 2013 at 1:06 pm

        A. Here’s a few of the bigger holes: (1) The cyborg has orders to bring an alien back to Earth. Yet he stays on board the ship and does nothing to ensure that a face will be hugged. He’s lucky that one of the crew is so goddamn stupid as to stick his idiot face into the gigantic, pulsating egg of a creature he knows nothing about. (2) The ship is supposed to be hauling millions of tons of ore, but all you ever see are empty, cavernous spaces. (3) The alien grows from about a foot high into a giant without eating anything. (4) Ripley sends Yaphet Kotto’s character and the other chick far away to get coolant for the lifeboat. Why isn’t the lifeboat equipped with coolant? What if the lifeboat was necessary because the part of the ship with the coolant had been compromised? Also, the only reason Ripley doesn’t go with the others to fetch the coolant is so that she’ll be free to chase the cat when it coincidentally decides to run away. Then, of course, Ripley escapes without retrieving any damn coolant. (5) The alien is praised as the ultimate hunter, yet instead of killing Ripley and Jonesy when they are at their most vulnerable, it takes a nap.

        B. You don’t see a single fucking alien in Aliens until an hour in. It’s infuriating. Also, the girl who plays Newt clearly has no interest in or talent for acting.

        C. Alien 3 kills Newt off at the very beginning. That alone makes it awesome.

        D. Have you seen Alien vs. Predator? It’s pretty motherfucking entertaining. I mean, it’s a wonder Hollywood didn’t fuck up the greatest premise in movie history, but thankfully, it didn’t.

      • July 21, 2013 at 3:05 pm

        A. (1) Yeah, that’s a good one, definitely agree. (2) I’m not sure that constitutes a plot hole. Maybe the crew were unsuccessful in getting said ore? Obviously, this was done for aesthetic purposes. (3) They do that in all the movies. I would chalk it up to how the alien is actually supposed to develop. (4) All very good questions, agreed. (5) LMAO!

        B. Newt was really terrible. I liked that it took time to build atmosphere, and not just jump right into alien killing.

        C. LOL!

        D. Yes, I have seen AvP. I didn’t like it. I can’t stand Paul W.S. Anderson’s directing style. They didn’t take any time setting it up or building atmosphere. It felt more like a video game than an alien movie. Maybe that’s what they were going for? Not my cup of tea, in that case.

      • 25 Margin Walker
        July 21, 2013 at 4:04 pm

        (2) I remember it saying at the beginning that the ship’s supposed to be full of ore. Also, the ISS is cramped as fuck for a reason: it’s prohibitively expensive to build space shit that’s any bigger than it absolutely needs to be. And now that I think about it, Alien never pays off the mining-ship plant. I.e., it might’ve been nice if the crew had buried the alien under some ore or something, you know, at least temporarily. Otherwise, why label the Nostromo a mining ship? Why not a flying cattery, which is what it actually proved to be?

        (3) What about conservation of mass, though? I find it hard to suspend disbelief when movies flout that law. The peril of a middle-school education, I guess.

        D. Fair enough. I think Aliens used up all the atmosphere-building time allotted for the franchise, though.

      • 26 Anthony
        July 22, 2013 at 7:22 am

        If there were an Alien remake I’m sure they could have fit in the ore/mining stuff and explored more of that hulking ship. As it stands, I don’t think they had enough of a budget at the time, nor did they think it would be that successful of a movie.

    • 27 Autopsy
      August 18, 2013 at 11:44 pm

      I take it back. I watched Alien: Resurrection again, and it was entertaining as hell. Well, maybe a little slow at first, but kick-ass most of the way.

  11. November 4, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    This is a much better review for Prometheus than a simple “this film sucked” could have ever achieved. Awesome work.

  12. 33 Thomas
    December 17, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    You have a lot of legitimate gripes about the film but you’ve gone a bit overboard with wanting every little detail explained. Just because something remains a “mystery” doesn’t mean its a plot hole. Regarding a few of your DERPs:

    “If the Engineers were all killed by the aliens, then why aren’t the aliens attacking the humans?” – The Engineers were killed about 2,000 years before Prometheus arrived (the timeline is from dialogue in the film). It’s very plausible that whatever alien killed them is long gone/dead by then.

    “Why do the Engineers have a statue of a giant head?” I don’t know. Maybe one of them bought it at a yard sale? Seriously though, they clearly seemed to be a somewhat religious (spiritual?) race. Recall how the one at the beginning seemed almost like a monk with is robe and was very formal in the way that he went about drinking the goo. Probably something that will be addressed in a sequel.

    “If the Engineers created all life in the universe, then who created them?” – I wouldn’t call not explaining the origin of all life in the universe as a plot hole. I’m guessing more about that will be explained in the next movie. I’m looking forward to your review!

    “If the Engineers created life on Earth by seeding their DNA, then why do humans almost look exactly like them, ignoring the rules of evolution?” – The Engineer’s DNA was broken down and resulted in all life forms on earth (squid, pterodactyl, etc.) If the Engineers are the “fittest” life form, it shouldn’t be surprising that something similar evolves, particularly if it shares parts of their DNA.

    With regard the different effects of the black goo, I think it is a matter of dosage. Halloway consumed a drop (diluted in his drink) and slowly started to change. The geologist got hit with more of it in the head chamber and turned into a zombie. The Engineer drank a whole cup of and was dissolved.

    One thing that I’m with you on is the LV-426 vs. LV-223 issue. If you look at the original screenplay (http://www.joblo.com/scripts/Alien-Engineers-ORIGINAL-PROMETHEUS-SCRIPT.pdf), the Engineer dies when a chestburster busts out of him as he tries to launch the ship, clearly trying to set this planet up as LV-426 in the first Alien film. But then they changed it for the actual Prometheus film, which now appears to result in some inconsistencies in either case. I’m curious if they will even have anything that addresses this planet again in the next film.

    Overall, I liked the film and I’m fine with the “mysteries”. My big concern is that the next two sequels turn this into “Lost”, where mysteries keep adding up to the point where there are too many loose ends to tie so they just punt and go for some bullshit mystical New Age ending (like it was all a big misunderstanding and the Engineers were really Jesus’ space Apostles).

    • December 21, 2013 at 10:51 am

      There are certainly differences between mysteries and plot holes. The giant head for example, would be a mystery, no doubt. But the plot overall is definitely not airtight. They were flying by the seat of their pants when they wrote it. The changes away from the Alien canon seemed arbitrary, and ruined what was already a great continuity. I hope they can create something cool for the sequels, but I’m with you, I’m pretty sure it’s just going to become “Lost” all over again.

  13. 35 jeremy
    February 1, 2014 at 4:36 am

    I love how when the nerd character sees the facehugger he literally says “She’s beautiful and “I’m going to touch it” just before it breaks his arm.

  14. December 27, 2014 at 12:17 am

    Random interracial scene WE SO 2014 GOYS

  15. 39 Hovis
    May 10, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Just a question, far after the fact, but only just discovered your great commentary. Why is Ridley Scott given a pass on this perfect piece of shit, when, it seems, that George Lucas raped everyone’s childhood with his prequels. Not just just Hollywood, but Ridley Scott, let us down.

  16. January 30, 2019 at 7:14 am

    I was captivated by the original Alien. I never expected it to be so believable and thought provoking. The only part of Alien I have qualms about is the undressing scene at the end, which seems gratuitous, sexist and temporarily leaves the story line. We are being invited to ogle.

    But, all in all Alien broke the mold. The landing on the planet and the entering the derelict scenes are pure works of art. The attention to detail surpasses the sum of its parts.

    Years later I was hugely excited when I went to see Aliens. It was a big deal for me, but afterwards I felt deflated and disappointed. The whole essence of the first Alien was lost. Aliens seemed to be the equivalent of Rambo In Space. I hate Aliens.

    The worst was yet to come however.

    Whose idea was it to have Alien and Predator fighting each other? Really… This is something a five year old plays at in their bedroom.

    I had the displeasure of sitting through an Alien vs Predator film a few year ago. The Predator’s face looked like a vacuum cleaner. The storyline was ridiculous. These films are garbage.

    Finally, Prometheus made me angry. Unanswered questions which remained so brilliantly unanswered in the original Alien were suddenly answered. You could hear the cash registers.

    My overall feeling is the Alien franchise has betrayed the artistic legacy of the original. That’s the power of money to corrupt art.

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